European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals

European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals

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Hackathon presentation - Rebounce Audio - Podcast & Radio Hackathon

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Radio is a one-way street when it should work both ways. It should allow the listener to express himself as much as to listen, to be in a conversation and a relationship instead of isolating him. Radio should emancipate itself from the content industry and organize its listeners into content producers.

Bertolt Brecht 1926

In 2019, we are there!!! New listening media, such as smartphones or connected speakers, are changing the way we listen to radio, as well as the way we produce content.

If the world of podcasting is exploding and allowing everyone to speak out, it seems to us that the revolution is only just beginning: new uses will drive new formats and conquer new audiences.

What if you were the one who initiated these innovations? Rebounce Audio is waiting for you!

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Rebounce Audio, the podcast and radio hackathon

Because the writing of audio content is closely linked to listening to it and it seems essential to us that innovation takes place both in the editorial and technical aspects. It is then that new content can be promoted, depending on the contexts and usages, which themselves come from new technical approaches.

The challenge today is to be able to bring out these uses. The podcast, by freeing itself from the constraints of the schedule, has already modified our relationship to radio. But this is only the beginning! The production itself can be rethought, and why not exploded!

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How to register With the form below

To participate, you must make yourself available between Thursday, January 24, 6 p. m. and Saturday, January 26, 3 p. m. If you have an idea or project related to digital audio and radio, specify it because you will have to pitcher it to form a team. And if you want to participate and join a project, tell us why!

A hackathon to create what?

Two approaches are proposed:
« New editorial content » to test and propose innovative content in their form or content, and « Usage cases for new media » to grasp new listening technologies and develop new functionalities for these tools that change our relationship with listening. Skills Alexa, podcasts, 3D sounds. . . . . Whatever your idea, submit it.

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What if you have no idea?

Sign up anyway!! Whether or not you have audio expertise, you can join a team.

Why the European Radio and Digital Audio Show?

Because it is the place where professionals come to discover and invent the future of this medium, by exchanging and discovering new products and projects. Today, it is the place of an innovation co-created and shared with Elson to share magnetic sounds.