European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
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The different worlds of the 2020 Radio and Digital Audio Show - ConnectOnAir

Rédigé le Monday, June 24th 2019 à 00:19 | Lu 60 fois

Discover all the faces of the Radio and Digital Audio Show. All radio and audio professions are concerned. Whether you are in technology, animation, music, strategy, advertising management, you will find what you are looking for.


Open during the 3 days, accessible free of charge and continuously, it allows those who create, produce, develop or propel podcasts to evoke this ever-changing universe. All aspects of podcasting will be covered. An opportunity to exchange with specialists, enthusiasts and future podcasters. You can learn about Mobile Journalism (MoJo) and mobile video to give your reports a new flavour.


Startups, innovative structures and new companies that are launching into the Radio and Digital Audio Industry have their place in this space dedicated to Innovation and Artificial Intelligence.

German Pavilion

A special pavilion to meet the featured countrie's actors in the spotlight.

Francophone cooperation Pavilion

African and Maghreb countries, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada will be welcomed in this new space.

In-car XP

The audience for radio and podcasts often rhymes with car and mobile and nomadic consumption. A space dedicated to experiments related to our vehicle.

The Sales House

DAB+ Pavilion

DAB+ is a reality in many European countries. Find the DAB+ players in the same space allowing you to discover the products and services that exhibitors offer you.


20 productive masterclasses allowing you to focus on the essentials in a privileged setting.


Let your imagination take over! Make room for emulation and in your drive, combine radio with the future. Broadcasting, content, programmes. . . Everything is a pretext for innovation.

Muzicenter Discovery