European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
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About FRENCH RADIO SHOW - 09/24/2015 | Philippe Chapot

Come and meet your collegues and radio professional on the only french talking show dedicated to radio industry and crafts. In 3 days you will be immerse in a show full of new techniques and technologies in image and sound, and all the equipments and services dedicated to radio stations   Meet the leaders to better understand tomorrow's radio The Show and its exhibition that let you...

Book today - 11/10/2016 | Philippe Chapot

At the Salon de la Radio, around 100 sessions are available to satisfy the appetite of the curious, those who come to the Salon de la Radio seeking to expand their knowledge and learn about new development prospects. In 2017 one fifth of the sessions will be in english. The opening address is traditionally devoted to the radio industry in the country that is the guest of honour, a topic that is...
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The European Radio Show - Salon de la Radio in Paris, is partner of the RadioDays Europe that takes place in Amsterdam 19 to 21 march 2017. You can get all the informations and see the full program on the app available on the stores and dedicated to the Conference. Get the App by clicking here.
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Sponsors officiels • Official sponsors - 10/16/2012 | Philippe Chapot

Retrouvez bientôt les sponsors officiels du salon Le RADIO • You will find soon the official sponsors of Le RADIO

Visas & Invitations - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

You need an invitation for your visa to come to France ? Invitations documents for visa can be downloaded in the document attached or asked by email on request IMPORTANT: this invitation is only for visa use. You still need to request your entry pass following this address:
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