European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
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Press Release - THE RADIO and DIGITAL AUDIO SHOW 2019

PARIS – Grande Halle de La Villette Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 January 2019

With an international dimension, podcasts, mobile, digital and DAB+ journalism, Radio Hackathon, advertising departments, advertisers, advertising agencies, music, showcase sessions - from the very latest thing to the next big thing.

In 2019, The Radio and Digital Audio Show opens its doors just a little wider, to invite in all of the players of the radio’s ecosystem, with more than 100 lectures, masterclasses, specialist workshops, with 7,000 professional visitors expected (25% of them international visitors) and 130 exhibitors, and featuring four new areas:

1.   PODCAST&CO, a space devoted to audio-on-demand upgrading technologies, podcasts, Mobile Journalism (MoJo) and mobile video,

2.   THE SALES HOUSE, an area opened up to advertising departments, agencies and advertisers,

3.   MUZICENTER DISCOVERY, which will offer a lounge and 250m² showcase space in partnership with Yacast and Société Ricard Live Music, with sound provided by Yamaha. Adjacent to Muzicenter Discovery, the Muzicenter Meetup area will offer face-to-face meetings between record labels and programme directors.

4.   REBOUNCE AUDIO - Podcast & Radio Hackathon. The Radio Show is creating a an Open innovation space for new approaches that are going to produce new formats and attract new audiences: 24 hours on-site for teams to work on prototypes and mockups.

SPAIN and PORTUGAL will be the two guests of honour in 2019, with representatives from around 20 radio stations present, who will be taking part in a Paris VIP Latino Tour created by the organisers.

PARIS RADIO NIGHT: Thursday 24 January at Cabaret Sauvage nightclub, with four showcase sessions and a gala evening of networking to close the day.

CONNECTONAIR.COM - with the official launch of this new platform for delivery of multimedia content, which will be responsible for broadcasting the Radio Show radio station before, during and after the event.

With, as ever, the GRANDS PRIX RADIO and DIGITAL AWARDS, 2019.



The new-look Radio and Digital Audio Show, 2019!

Radio and Digital Audio Show Director Philippe Chapot: “We’re launching several new areas this year, and with good reason. On the one hand, the Podcast, which is quite a talking point and is generating great interest among professionals and buyers or advertisers. Then there are the advertisers selling these new media tools: voice assistants, podcasts, and national DAB+, which has started to appear.”
“Finally, music, with a new showcase and meetings space for music industry professionals, intended to create the opportunity to bring new voices to the attention of the radio stations. The Radio Show must support the diversity and discovery of new talent to encourage
more risks to be taken by broadcasting new artists.”
“These changes are a way of opening up to new professional audiences that form an integral part of the radio sector and have a rightful place at the Radio and Digital Audio Show today.”



Podcasts and audio content are a rapidly expanding market. MoJo, or Mobile Journalism, is taking newsrooms by storm. Ever more stations are no longer thinking just in terms of radio. They are thinking content, and with the mass advent of voice assistants, this impetus is not going to tail off any time soon. But what material should we use? The Radio and Digital Audio Show is responding to the demand from many visitors in 2018 by creating a new Podcast, MoJo & Mobile Video area. This area will provide a space for interaction and discussion between podcast operators and will present the latest solutions to facilitate the daily work of content editors.
Mobile journalism, or MoJo, will also take centre stage, with a dedicated meeting space and short workshops offered by partners such as INA, the French broadcasting institute.
Video, whether in the form of filmed radio content, multi-platform interviews or Facebook live, is now one of the tools of communication of each station – and it can also be found in this space.



Advertising is making its debut at the Radio and Digital Audio Show, with the opening of an area completely devoted to advertising agencies and advertising departments, which will have the opportunity to come and demonstrate
the pull of radio as a medium, with exclusive masterclasses targeting buyers, agencies and advertisers.
It’s a completely new area for the event, a place where the whole of the audio and digital ecosystem will be able to come together, discuss ideas and gain from their shared experience.

Fréderic Brulhatour, co-organiser of the Radio and Digital Audio Show:
“The Radio Show is the place where experiences are shared, where professionals meet up, and where we prepare for the radio of tomorrow. In 2019, this annual event will offer visitors a supercharged edition, shining a brighter spotlight on the podcast and music spheres, in particular. The 100+ exhibitors will also make it possible to canvass the views of an industry in the process of profound change.”



In 2019 the Radio and Digital Audio Show is launching “Muzicenter Discovery” in collaboration with Yacast and Société Ricard Live Musique.
It is a dedicated space, featuring a 250 m² set, for meetings with artists, record labels, bookers and players in the music industry who want to meet the programme schedulers and programme directors specially invited to watch their performance, with sound provided by Yamaha Europe.
Three out of the 10 finalists in the Société Ricard Live Musique competition will perform in a private showcase session during the Radio and Digital Audio Show, attended by selected programme directors, music label directors
and bookers invited as guests. The competition winner will be revealed and will perform in a preview session on stage at the Cabaret Sauvage nightclub, on 24 January 2019, during the Paris Radio Night Show private party.



The podcast and radio hackathon. Because the writing of audio content is intrinsically bound up with listening to it and we feel that it’s crucial for innovation to be part of both the
editorial process and the technical process. This is how new content can be generated, in keeping with context and use, which have themselves emerged from new technical media.

What’s the purpose of the hackathon?
Two areas of action: “New editorial content”, to test and propose content that is innovative in form and substance,
and “Uses for new media”, to review new listening technologies and develop new uses for these tools that are changing our relationship with listening: Alexa Skills, podcasts, 3D sound, and so on. Whatever ideas are produced by participants, they will be invited to submit them.
In partnership with RADIOACT, the agency that specialises in supporting and promoting
innovation and the development of Radio in the spheres of technologies, services and skills.

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- Thursday 24 January at Cabaret Sauvage -
To close the first day, the Radio Show organisers have a gala evening of networking planned that will take place in the iconic performance hall of the
Parc de La Villette and will feature four live-music showcase sessions.



An interview set revisited and broadcast on a new platform.
An interview set will once again take centre stage as part of a big, dedicated, visionary studio, broadcasting live in Paris using DAB+ on
There will be 3 days of live-broadcast, filmed-radio content, featuring all of the big speeches by leading public figures, exhibitors and visitors to the show, with guests, debates, interviews, etc, broadcast from the set.
ConnectOnAir also holds a database of radio
and audio professionals in Europe, from which visitors can download their badge. This platform is a project supported by a digital transformation grant from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.



Over the 3-day show, media professionals can learn the results of 7 exclusive surveys: audience surveys by Médiamétrie, the advertising investment barometer from Kantar Média and thematic studies by INA.


The two countries of the Iberian Peninsula will be the two guests of honour in 2019, with around 20 radio stations taking part. These stations’ representatives will participate in a VIP Tour, beginning on Wednesday (the eve of the opening), during which they will meet the big French and international players of the world of radio and digital audio.
Nicolas Moulard, manager of the ActuOnda company (Madrid) and co-organiser of the Radio and Digital Audio Show: “This year, it will be the Iberian countries that we’ll be receiving as guests of honour at the show. So, we’ll be able to meet and listen to the biggest players in the world of radio in Spain and Portugal. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about their digital transformation strategies, to share best practice and to find out about the particular characteristics of our Iberian cousins. A Paris Latino VIP Tour on the eve of the show will enable a delegation of guests to visit several iconic radio station premises in the capital.”
The Paris Latino VIP Tour and the European Radio & Digital Audio Show 2019 will be officially presented in Madrid on Wednesday 21 November, on the occasion of the Radio 2.0 Webinar. This #FutureCasting event will bring together the main players in the world of Spanish radio to debate the future of the industry in a digital world.



With 20 different categories, the Grands Prix Radio Awards 2019 will recognise the most innovative and creative professionals across all of the spheres of radio and
digital audio
These new Grands Prix awards, which have been combined since 2018, group together all of the traditional prizes and trophies for this sector under a single banner with a single set of regulations: Prix de la Radio, Prix On’Air, Radio Pub Awards, for advertising, and Grands Prix Radio 2.0.
The Grands Prix Radio awards ceremony 2019 will begin at 1800 on Thursday 24 January. The joint organisers of these awards are Mediatic Conseils, Les Editions de l'Octet, Actuonda and Editions HF.

Closing date for registration: 7 January 2019

Register online on the Radio and Digital Audio site



The Young Talent in Radio awards, launched by Rémi Castillo in 2013, in partnership with Médiamétrie, La Lettre Pro de la Radio (and then the Radio and Digital Audio Show), expanded to include TV, in 2014, webradios and webTV, in 2017, and the Net, via all of the social media, in 2018 (Youtube, Facebook, etc).
Since 2013, the panel of judges, working under the historic chairmanship of Jean-Luc Reichmann has rewarded young talent, such
  as Apolline de Malherbe (BFM TV), Antoine Bueno (France Inter), Rémi Ferreira (Skyrock),
Trina Mac-Dinh (Sud radio) and many others. In 2019, it is Laurence Boccolini who will head the panel.
To enter, you need to be under 35, with less than 10 years in radio, and should send a demo in audio format (MP3) or video format (MP4), lasting a maximum of 3 minutes, and include a CV,
by email to:
The three competition categories are: presenter, commentator and journalist.
Xavier Filliol, Drector of Les éditions de l’Octet and co-organiser of the Radio and Digital Audio Show: “We are delighted to participate in this new, ambitious show, which, through the lens of its many activities illustrates the present and the future of radio and digital audio.