European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals


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In 2018, the Radio Show is throwing its doors open to the digital audio sector and increasing its international resonance still further. This new approach makes it possible to bring together all of the audio sector professionals in all their diversity for a single annual highpoint. 6,000 visitors are expected over the 3 days of the show (25% of them international visitors). There will be 120 exhibitors and 100 sessions, debates and workshops featuring 200 speakers.
Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway (which have just switched off FM permanently) will be the four guests of honour of this new edition, which will have an even greater international dimension than ever.


The public’s enthusiasm for live streaming benefits the radio and digital audio sector, creating great opportunities for both traditional and new broadcasters. This is the general thread running through the 3 days of the show, illustrated by a series of events:
Exhibitors laid out in a complete 360°design
With exhibitors spread over more than 4,000 m² in a unique circular layout, the show is able to offer all visitors a unique panorama of the new products, technologies and services shaping the radio and digital audio of today and tomorrow.
3 days highlighting different themes
On the programme are 13 round-table discussions, 36 keynote speeches and 24 practical workshops spread over 3 days highlighting different themes:
Thursday 25 Jan – Strategy and Monetisation
Friday 26 Jan – Innovation and New Ways of Writing Audio Content
Saturday 27Jan – “Glocal” (Global-Local)
1 Media briefing and 7 exclusive studies
Following the opening of the show, a 30-minute “Media Briefing” session, at 1000 on Thursday morning, will uncover everything there is to know about the major trends in the sector. Over the 3 days of the show, radio professionals can learn about the results of 7 exclusive studies conducted by Médiamétrie, Kantar Média and others.
The radio station of the Radio & Digital Audio Show
In 2018, the Radio Station of the Radio Show will occupy a central position, with a great dedicated, revolutionary studio. Broadcast live across Paris on DAB+, it will also stream the key speeches by public figures, exhibitors and visitors to the show, on the web and on Facebook, featuring a 360° view and making use of visual radio, with a stage, guests, debates, interviews etc.
Another feature to note is the INA (National Broadcasting Institute) Podcast/Webradio Corner, where webradios and the students of CPQ Radio (which provides training and a diploma in radio presenting) will also lead debates on expertise and problems linked to webradios. A study on webradios will be unveiled by INA via this medium.
4 Scandinavian countries to be the guests of honour
The 3-day show will provide the opportunity to take a close look at the radio might of the Northern countries, with many theme-led talks: NRJ Sweden: nationwide deployment; The Spotify phenomenon and the centralisation of radios in Sweden; The international success of Finnish radios thanks to local music; Denmark and its powerful regional groups; The switching-off of FM in Norway: from concept to reality…
9 Masterclasses
A new feature this year: the 9 Masterclasses offer radio professionals practical training workshops on cutting-edge subjects:
Registration is now open, using the following link:
Thursday 25 Jan - (1000) - RAAS - Radio As A Service/ Cloud tools; (1400) - Monetisation Solutions; (1600) - Content and Journalism.
Friday 26 Jan (1000) - Branding/Jingles; (1400) - Automation and Programming; (1600) - Aggregation/Distribution/Streaming.
Saturday 27 Jan - (1000) - Audio/Video Capture and Production; (1400) - Systems Integration/Engineering; (1600) - Communication/Interaction/Social networks.
15 Radio & Digital Audio 2018 awards
With 15 different categories, the Grands Prix Radio 2018 awards provide an opportunity to honour the professionals who are the most innovative and creative in all areas of the radio and digital audio. These new combined-discipline Grands Prix awards bring together all of the traditional awards and trophies of the sector under a single banner, governed by a single set of rules: the Radio Award, the On’Air Award, the Radio Ad awards and the Grands Prix Radio 2.0 awards.
The Grands Prix Radio 2018 award ceremony will begin at 1800 on Thursday 25 January 2018. These awards are co-sponsored by Mediatic Conseils, Les Editions de l'Octet, Actuonda and les Editions HF.
1 late evening programme, Friday night
With the Young Talent in Radio and TV evening (beginning at 1700); a round-table debate on Radio and Live Entertainment: from promotion to coproduction (at 1900); and an evening buffet with all of the show exhibitors, beginning at 1930. A music programme, show, showcase and One Man Show (Toni Rostini/ Drôle de patron [A Funny Kind of Boss]) until 2130.

All of the conferences, masterclasses and workshops will be broadcast on DAB+ from the Show, allowing those with a receiver to follow them from elsewhere on the premises.