European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals

Way To Go Radio WORLDDAB - Interview with Patrick Hannon

If radio is to remain relevant in the 21 century, it needs to innovate. The problem is that FM spectrum is full. DAB+ addresses this situation by offering listeners new features and many more services. WorldDAB provides specific solutions and advice on all aspects of the switchover from analogue to digital radio.  This includes regulation, licensing, technical trials, network build-out, marketing and production of new digital radio content.   In the next few months, over 15 cities are expected to see the launch of DAB+, including  Toulouse, Bordeaux, Dijon, Grenoble,...

Way To Go Radio RCS

RCS is continuously advancing the radio experience. RCS is the worlds largest broadcast software company.    For radio, the company has been manufacturing software that has assisted in shaping everything from song rotation, news and traffic scheduling.  Their product range has browser-based extensions designed for mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.  Radio stations are able to utilise the  “from-anywhere” feature of Selector2GO, Zetta2GO and Aquira2GO.   The former allows remote access for the user, and cloud-based solutions are...

Way to Go radio - European Radio Show - Joe D'Angelo - XPERI

Xperi and DTS are working towards greater innovation when it comes to listening to DAB+ in the car. The roll-out of DAB +  is also seeing technological modifications being made to ensure that the listener experience is as trouble-free as possible.   2018 was an important year for the development of DAB+ in France.   December 2018 saw  DAB+ being launched in Strasbourg and Lyon, with over 40 DAB+ radio stations going on air in those areas. Other regions that launched DAB + include,  Paris, Marseille, Nice and Lille. These switches now mean that 21.3 per...

Interview with Peter Blampied, Country Sales Manager, Roberts Radio

Tell us a little about yourself and the company Roberts Radio I have worked in the Digital Radio business for almost 7 years of the last 10 years, first for the brand Pure and now for the brand Roberts.  As a result, I have been working in this category during the switch from analogue radio to digital radio in the markets of UK, Australia, Switzerland, Nordics, Netherlands, Germany and now France.  Roberts is a famous UK brand and has been supplying radios in the UK since 1932.  Roberts was one of the very first brands to launch a digital radio and also one of the first to...

PARIS RADIO NIGHT - Ask your invitation to an exhibitor

You wish to be invited to the big PARIS RADIO NIGHT at Cabaret Sauvage on thursday 24th starting 7pm ? You only need to visit the show and ask for your invitation to any exhibitor you know for some great networking and drinks.

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Press Release - THE RADIO and DIGITAL AUDIO SHOW 2019

With an international dimension, podcasts, mobile, digital and DAB+ journalism, Radio Hackathon, advertising departments, advertisers, advertising agencies, music, showcase sessions - from the very latest thing to the next big thing. In 2019, The Radio and Digital Audio Show opens its doors just a little wider, to invite in all of the players of the radio’s ecosystem, with more than 100 lectures, masterclasses, specialist workshops, with 7,000 professional visitors expected (25% of them international visitors) and 130 exhibitors, and featuring four new areas: 1.   PODCAST&CO,...

El European Radio and Digital Audio Show se extiende a todos los actores del ecosistema

En 2019, el European Radio and Digital Audio Show se extiende a todos los actores del ecosistema con más de cien conferencias, clases magistrales, talleres especializados. Esperamos 7000 visitantes profesionales (de los cuales 25% son internacionales) y 130 expositores con cuatro nuevos espacios. PODCAST&CO, un espacio dedicado a las tecnologías para la valorización del audio bajo demanda, podcasts, periodismo móvil (MoJo) y vídeo móvil, THE SALES HOUSE, un área abierta a agencias de publicidad y anunciantes, MUZICENTER DISCOVERY, que propondrá un espacio Lounge y Showcase de 250 m²,...
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