European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
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Muzicenter Discovery - A way to catch the ear of the radio stations

What artist hasn’t aspired to be broadcast continuously by the biggest radio stations? Muzicenter is the benchmark platform for artists and labels, making available to all the radio stations the music tracks, descriptions, videos and backgrounders that the programme director needs – but if you are an artist who is just setting out, how are you going to get yourself known, to improve your chances of being played on air? Muzicenter Discovery creates new opportunities.

The Radio Show and Yacast present “Muzicenter Discovery” – a 250m² space giving you the opportunity to perform in a showcase session before a selected target audience of 15 to 20 industry professionals specially invited for your private show. The stage, equipped by our partner and designed as part of a Lounge space that you can reserve by the day, allows you to perform three tracks and to continue meetings with contacts at a free VIP bar.


Music at the Radio Show

For three years now, the Radio and Digital Audio Show has been hosting the National Conference of programme directors of Les Indés Radios. In 2019 this conference will take place on Thursday 24 January, at the heart of the Radio Show. “MuziCenter Discovery” will invite all of the programme directors, bookers, music labels, promoters and editors to come and participate in this new space.   

Music is an essential feature of the radio and digital audio media. The stations have a duty to broadcast new material and to develop the role they have always had as a trend-setter – but this role must be enhanced further still. The radio stations are a vital component in promoting artists and increasing the income generated by broadcasting their work.


Showcase sessions: great music

The Radio Show already hosts two showcase events every year, before and after the Young Talent competition run by Rémi Castillo during the Radio Show. The arrival in 2019 of “Muzicenter Discovery” is a mark of the Radio Show’s interest in live music. As well as the Showcase sessions organized during the Radio Show, there will be a big PARIS RADIO NIGHT party at the Cabaret Sauvage nightclub on Thursday 24 January 2019 with performances by four artists confirmed. It will be a unique evening of networking between players in the music industry and the radio industry, the likes of which has not been seen for a long time.


Société Ricard Live Music throws itself into the venture

With SOCIÉTÉ RICARD LIVE MUSIC being the first promoter to embark on the adventure of Muzicenter Discovery, the SOCIÉTÉ RICARD LIVE MUSIC competition has opted to take place here. Three out of the 10 young talents taking part in the SOCIÉTÉ RICARD LIVE MUSIC competition will perform a session. Every day a new group will perform in a private showcase session and will meet radio stations and industry professionals in a new way of communicating and networking, to get themselves better known. The winner of the SOCIÉTÉ RICARD LIVE MUSIC award will be announced during the PARIS RADIO NIGHT party at Cabaret Sauvage nightclub on Thursday 24 January and will perform in a 30-minute showcase session.

Please contact us to book your space and your showcase session.


Muzicenter Discovery summed up in a few questions

1 - Muzicenter Discovery: how does it work?
It’s simple. You have an artist that you want to promote? Book your Lounge space. An hour-long slot on stage is included.

2 - Who will come to see the showcase session?
This is the most important thing. You tell us who you would like to invite to the venue. It’s a very private hall with 15 spaces and the area is accessible only to guests. We take care of inviting the professionals that you would like to see. Give us the name of the station or the organization and we will handle it. This is included in the price.

3 - Can I book for three days?
Yes, of course. You can also book additional time slots on the stage on one day or several. The different options are set out in the brochure.

About Yacast:
YACAST is the official partner of the music industry. The company offers the full range of innovative tools and services. Muzicast is the market’s benchmark tool for monitoring music broadcasts on the media. This service makes it possible to interpret music trends, analyse the scheduling strategy of radios and music TV channels and view the leading ratings.
Yacast has also developed Muzicenter, the platform for the promotion and distribution of new material to the media. This service allows programmers, journalists and DJs to listen online and download the latest releases in broadcast format.  Since its founding, Yacast has constantly pushed the boundaries of its business in order to be able to offer 360° cover in the sphere of broadcast media monitoring. Yacast also offers tools for measuring allocation of political airtime and an online media archive search service.

Contact: Deputy CEO Ali Mouhoub, - +33 1 56 28 59 00 -

About the Radio and Digital Audio Show
During the past 15 years or so, the Radio and Digital Audio Show – for which entry is still free - has emerged as the only annual gathering devoted entirely to the radio industry. The event, which is still taking place in the world’s most beautiful city, has previously been held in such prestigious locations as Porte de Versailles, Tapis Rouge and Centre Étoile Saint-Honoré, before taking up residence at the Grande Halle de la Villette.
Taking part in the Radio and Digital Audio Show guarantees an opportunity to meet around 7,000 professionals and executives, primarily from France, but also from around 50 other countries. In an atmosphere that is always very congenial, the Radio and Digital Audio Show provides a unique opportunity to meet prospective clients, make new contacts and invigorate your network. Its structure and the original layout of the booths give all exhibitors great visibility for promoting their products and services while dealing with a continuous, uninterrupted flow of registered visitors.

Contact: Radio Show founder Philippe Chapot, - +33 6 22 70 61 79 -