European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals

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Each month Éditions HF publishes the magazine, La Lettre Pro de la Radio. It has 20 pages devoted to the radio industry, offering an exclusive overview of news linked to the radio broadcast industry here and abroad. La Lettre Pro de la Radio is the only monthly magazine targeted at French-speaking professionals.

Audiences, profiles, production, consulting, studies, DAB, Imaging, broadcasting, ratings, journalism, advice, webradios… Each month La Lettre Pro de la Radio compiles all of the radio-related news. This publication, launched in July 2011 and unique in France, has managed to win over all of the professionals in this sector, across all categories of radio. Olivier Schrameck (CSA), Mathieu Gallet (Radio France), Pierre Bellanger (Skyrock), Alain Weill (NextRadioTV), Christopher Baldelli (RTL Group) and Denis Olivennes (Lagardère Active) have already appeared on the front cover of the magazine. All of the industry leaders and specialists have found it to be the ideal medium for putting information across to a targeted audience. In fact, La Lettre Pro de la Radio is aimed specifically at radio professionals: executives, managers, programme directors, journalists, producers, presenters, technicians, freelancers and community radio volunteers.


Print or digital... it's your choice

La Lettre Pro de la Radio is published monthly and is available in two versions: a printed version sent by post directly to the teams and a digital version (in PDF form, or readable using Flipbook). You can also get the edition of the magazine you want using the Kiosque Radio app. Éditions HF have also developed an app for Android and IOS, giving you access to radio news in real time. The app provides LaLettrePro’s own special take on the day’s news, divided into different categories: job vacancies and job applicants in the sector, podcasts, audience ratings and hyperlinks to articles providing a taster of the monthly magazine. In the case of important breaking news, a Push News Alert is generated and sent immediately to more than 3,000 professionals, directly to their smartphone.

10, 000 unique daily visitors

To complement this app and to meet the need to be responsive to the news, Éditions HF have launched the site. In France and in French-speaking countries it’s now the gateway to all radio-related news. Every day the team puts online around a dozen exclusive articles linked to the world of radio. The site itself features various sections to ensure that you don’t miss anything new in the radio sector: all of the online editions of the magazine, a diary of events, a forum, etc. The site, in conjunction with its partner, RCS MediaGroup, features a special “126,000 Day” every 3 months [dedicated to the latest audience ratings, based on a poll sample of 126,000 listeners] in addition to a dozen other special days sponsored by partner organisations. The newsletter, Ne perdez pas encore, sent out at 1800 CET every evening, contains all of the articles published during the day, supplemented by the figures and statistics of the day, the best Tweets and the best links. This newsletter goes out to more than 10,000 contacts working in the world of radio. 

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