European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
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At the Salon de la Radio, around 100 sessions are available to satisfy the appetite of the curious, those who come to the Radio Show seeking to expand their knowledge and learn about new development prospects.

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Continuous presentations and entertainment

More than just a mere show, this festive event also provides an opportunity to celebrate radio – and that’s precisely the thinking behind this occasion: conviviality, confraternity, solidarity!

The three days feature frequent presentations and entertainment this year. Of course, you might think of the evening session (and its special musical ambiance), beginning at 1800 and ending just before the clock strikes at midnight. It’s a highlight of the European Radio Show, providing an opportunity to talk radio in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Then there are also the Grands Prix awards  recognising the achievements of ten radios from 10 categories and the Young Talent in Radio and TV competition… Finally, in addition to the workshops, we should note the creation of the INA WebRadio/Podcast space, where web radio professionals can freely share and exchange ideas.

Booking open now

The Radio of the Radio Show: a product Made in France

For the duration of the show, the Radio of the Salon de la Radio, is the nerve centre of the event and plays host to the exhibitors, public figures and speakers. As you might expect, it’s providing a special, high-quality programme.

This temporary station will be broadcast using a video feed operated by multiCam Live, and this feed will be available notably via the site. It’s a technical accomplishment that’s as stunning as it is perfect, enabling visitors to follow the behind-the-scenes organization in real time, thanks to the service and products provided by longstanding partners: RCS Europe, Broadcast associés, Maxi l’Air, MultiCam Systems, Save Diffusion, towerCast  and VizionR. In 2017, for the second time, this temporary station was also broadcast live on Paris terrestrial digital radio (DAB+) from the Mercuriales towers site [in Bagnolet, northeast of Paris], thanks to the technical expertise provided by TowerCast, another longstanding partner.

A DAB+ multiplex for the conferences

All sessions during the Show were sent to a DAB+ local multiplex to allow all visitors and exhibitors to listen to the conferences and Masterclass without leaving their booth. This was also a smart way to record simply all sessions to be able to deliver podcasts easily to visitors after the show.

Booking open now

The European Radio show, to expand your knowledge

The opening address is traditionally devoted to the radio industry in the country that is the guest of honour, a topic that is developed over the course of 10 or so workshops. The role of the listener, the choice of mic, branding trends, processing the signal, the keys to successful interactivity, the issue of quotas, the audience, digital audio… are all current topics covered in the form of sessions intended to generate debate and enable participants to leave with ideas and new avenues to explore and put into practice at the mic. So, for the visitor, the only problem is making the right choices, to optimize their time at the Show. We should also note that every year several exclusive studies concerning the challenges facing radio will be unveiled during the event.

Receivers for visitors

More than 2,000 receivers were distributed free of charge to hertzian stations visiting the Show. At the entrance, a receiver’s pyramid of POP FM and DAB+ radios from SAHAGA but also PURE receivers for exhibitors and ROBERTS receivers for winners of the GRAND PRIX RADIO awards were distributed.

The European Radio Show is also a Show full of surprises. Visitors discovered on entering the European Radio Show, and by reading the visitor’s catalogue, that a free FM-DAB+ receiver was waiting for them. With receivers reserved in the first instance for Hertzian stations, more than 2,000 professionals were offered a receiver.

If you are a company proposing services or products to radio stations in Europe or French talking countries, it's time to book your booth. If you are a radio station, it's time to save the dates !