European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
About the Show

Radio 2.0 conference at the show - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

The Radio 2.0 conference has been enjoying increasing success with an ever wider public over the past 5 years. Organised by Nicolas Moulard (Actuonda) and Xavier Filliol (Les Editions de l'Octet), the Radio 2.0 conference will take on a new dimension in 2017. To help foster this progression, this event will now take place at the European Radio Show. After accepting the invitation from the...

European Radio Show: a 360° view of the radio - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

In 2016, a record number of 80 exhibitors presented their products and services in the best possible conditions. The circular arrangement of the stands ensured that nothing could be missed and provided a 360° view. And better still, guaranteed constant contact with visitors. From 21 Juin Productions to Zenon Media, a wide range of products and services were on offer to visitors: broadcasting,...

Who attends the European Radio Show ? - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

Twelve highlights of the 2016 Show - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

Three days to celebrate the radio and its professionals: the Salon de la Radio, held at the Grande Halle de la Villette, took on a whole new dimension this year. Here’s a photographic reminder of 12 of the many highlights of this 2016 show:

Pay a visit to the new European Radio Show - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

It’s become a tradition: at each new Salon de la Radio we pay tribute to one country and its professionals. After Quebec (2014), Switzerland (2015) and Belgium (2016), in 2017 the spotlight will be on Britain, the guest of honour of the only French-language event celebrating radio. In this way it is opening up to Europe and to non-French-speaking visitors. So when is the next Salon de la Radio?...

Flick through the radio news - 09/21/2016 | Philippe Chapot

Each month Éditions HF publishes the magazine, La Lettre Pro de la Radio. It has 20 pages devoted to the radio industry, offering an exclusive overview of news linked to the radio broadcast industry here and abroad. La Lettre Pro de la Radio is the only monthly magazine targeted at French-speaking professionals. Audiences, profiles, production, consulting, studies, DAB, Imaging, broadcasting,...