European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals
European Radio Show - The biggest Radio Show in the world dedicated to all radio professionals


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At the Salon de la Radio, around 100 sessions are available to satisfy the appetite of the curious, those who come to the Radio Show seeking to expand their knowledge and learn about new development prospects. More than just a mere show, this festive event also provides an opportunity to celebrate radio – and that’s precisely the thinking behind this occasion: conviviality, confraternity, solidarity! The three days feature frequent presentations and entertainment this year. Of course, you might think of the evening session (and its special musical ambiance), beginning at 1800 and ending...

Pay a visit to the European Radio Show in 2019

It’s become a tradition: at each new edition of the European Radio Show we pay tribute to a country and its professionals. After Quebec (2014), Switzerland (2015), Belgium (2016), the UK (2017), and Norway and the Scandinavian countries in 2018, Iberian countries will be the featured countries of the only event celebrating all of the different radio professions. The show confirmed its opening up to Europe and to non-French-speaking visitors with an increase of 30% in the number of visitors from abroad in 2018. So when is the next Salon de la Radio? Make a note of the dates now: 24, 25& 26...

Digital Audio @ the European Radio Show

Methods of listening to the radio are changing as people make use of new technology, particularly mobile technology and high-speed broadband. The music-streaming market is taking off and platforms operating in this market, such as Spotify and Deezer, are seeing their paying subscriber numbers skyrocket: this revenue is beginning to make up for the drop in physical sales. While traditional radio stations have for some time now gone with IP broadcasting via apps, and streaming and playback modules on their web sites, achieving ever greater audience numbers, new operators – “pure players” – are...